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June 2010

An Interview With Joe Starinchak - US Fish & Wildlife Service National Aquatic Invasive Species Outreach Coordinator

  Since 2002 Joe Starinchak has lead the US effort to educate people about Aquatic Invasive Species. In the course of his work he has traveled the world both learning and teaching. It was our pleasure to to have Joe provide his insights to the readers of the Clean Angling News. In this wide ranging interview Joe offers us much food for thought. Read More

Game Over in the Great Lakes?

   On June 22, a bighead carp was found in Lake Calumet along the Chicago Area Waterway System - the first Asian carp found above the U.S. Army Corps of Engineer's electric barrier system built tokeep out them out of the Great Lakes. The always present fear that the carp would enter the Great Lakes has increased in a series of big steps in recent years and now it seems the fear of invasion is likely a reality. Read More

     The discovery has sparked new concerns and IL Senator Dick Durbin has called on the President to appoint a "Carp Czar". Durbin says "We need to have one person who coordinates the efforts of the federal, state, and local agencies that are doing everything they can to keep the Asian carp out of Lake Michigan."  Read More

    As a reminder of how abundant the carp can become read about the Asian carp in the Illinois River where they have reached high densities  Read More

Boat Inspections Are Working

      Boat inspections have become a primary tool for reducing the spread of zebra and quagga mussels. Inspections are costly to perform but they do stop the movement of these nasty invaders. While the vast majority of boats are completely clean of mussels, diligent inspectors are finding and decontaminating boats that pose significant risks. Among other discoveries this month, inspectors discovered mussels on boats in Idaho Read More and California Read More.      

     Meanwhile, near Yellowstone Park, a Montana boat inspection team was praised by an avid angler Read More and an inspection turned up dead mussels attached to a boat trying to launch in Jackson Lake Read More.

Hello Salvinia Goodbye Texas Lakes

 Texas is getting very serious in their fight against invasive species. They have recently unveiled a new campaign that is designed to let everyone know exactly what threats they face. Focusing on the loss of fishing and boating, they effectively teach that it is up to us all to prevent new invasions.   Read More 

The Latest News About Waders

   The Spokane WA. Spokesman-Review has provided two very good articles for us this month. The first is a well researched article on felt soled boots which discusses both the reasons for eliminating felt and the need to do more. Read More. In a second article, they contacted a number of fishing guides and shops to get their views on non-felt  boots. Read More

State by State 

   Louisiana - Officials are using water draw downs to try to eradicate Salvinia from Turkey Creek Lake. The lake level is dropping 2 inches a day and it is hoped this will leave the Salvinia high and dry.    Read More

    Connecticut - Concerned researchers are keeping a close eye following the discovery of a new species of freshwater shrimp in the Mystic River.  Read More

   Indiana - The Evansville Courier & Press is urging all anglers to properly dispose of any unused bait.  Read More

   Michigan - Aquatic Invasive Species Awareness week was declared by Governor Jennifer Granholm.  Read More

   Montana - Boaters among the state's best defense against Aquatic Invasive Species. Read More

   New York - As Didymo moves closer to the Adirondacks concern mounts as to its potential impacts. In this Podcast North Country Public Radio examines the issue.  Listen Here

   Iowa - Iowa's waters are threatened by a host of potential invaders. In this article the author not only provides information about the threat but tells his readers how they can help by volunteering.  Read More 

  Wyoming - The state is asking for comments on their draft Aquatic Invasive Species Management Plan. The deadline for comments is July 30, 2010.  Read More

Didymo Impacts Angling Around the World

  Didymo remains in the news as the invasive algae continues to spread to new waters. Unfortunately, this month we have to report that the invasive algae has now been found in South America, specifically in about 35 miles of Chile's Rio Espolon and Rio Futaleuf˙.  Read More.  Additional information is available from the Santiago Times but registration is required. Read More

  In South Dakota anglers and biologists have suspected that Didymo is strongly implicated in the significant decline in wild brown trout numbers. However, new research points to drought as having a much bigger impact. Read More

Invasive Species Stickers Debated

  In 2009, Idaho became the first state to require boaters to purchase invasive species stickers and Oregon and Wyoming are following suit this year. As anglers and other boaters learn of these new fees there are many different reactions. Of course, there are those who just say no, but others take a more nuanced view of these new fees. There has been an interesting discussion of these fees taking place on the Utah Wildlife Network forum.  Read More


   June is peak fishing season and it shows in the types of news we have for you.  With most anglers busy fishing and most companies in the middle of busy times there is less industry specific news than in the winter. However, invasive species don't recognize seasons and they provide plenty of news.

   Be sure to read our exclusive interview with Joe Starinchak. Joe is one of the most knowledgeable people about invasives in the world and he shares his unique insights with us.

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