Riparian Weed Project

    The Riparian Weed Project is a collaborative effort that brings together recreationists, landowners and weed managers to work on weed mapping and control projects. Since 2009 we have been compiling maps of the presence of terrestrial noxious weeds along the river banks of someof Montana's rivers. The following is a listing of some of the maps and other products produced as part of this effort.

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Riparian Weed Maps

Upper Yellowstone River 2009

Upper Yellowstone River - 2009 Salt Cedar Map

Madison River 2010 Section 1 -Reynolds to Ennis Lake

Madison River 2010 Section 2 - Warm Springs to Silver Bridge

Madison River 2011

Stillwater River 2010

Jefferson River 2010

Bio Control Release Maps

Upper Yellowstone River - 2010 Releases

Upper Yellowstone River - 2011 Releases